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Mark began by asking us to consider, “What am I afraid of?” He pointed out that Fear causes us a lot of problems. Fear in the mind causes stress in the body. Fear is inevitable. It has negative effects on us. We go to Fight, Flight or Fright. He reminds us of Jesus’ words:

Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life? — Matthew 6:27 (NRS)

Fear is not always a sin, but it’s always an opportunity to trust God.

The question we should ask is, Who are you afraid of? Whoever that is, we worship them as a functional god. When you fear someone, you cannot love them because you’re taking from instead of giving to.

The fear of others lays a snare. — Proverb 29:25 (NRS)

How do you know if you fear someone other than God? Here’re some good questions to ask yourself:
  1. Whose opinion matters too much to me?
  2. Is your appetite for praise unhealthy?
  3. Are you overly devastated by criticism? Criticism today is instant, constant, global and permanent.
  4. Are you committed to things/people God didn’t call you to? You will end up following others’ will instead of Gods. It makes you busy but not holy.
fear2How to face fear
  1. Fear is vision without hope.
  2. Fear is not (always) rational. But it’s powerful.
  3. Fear is about not getting what we want, getting it and then losing it, or getting what I don’t want.
  4. Fear preaches a false gospel. It’s a false Hell (what we don’t want), a false Heaven (what we think we want), and a false savior (who can’t really save us).
  5. Fear turns us into false prophets. We predict a future that will never happen, and cause ourselves anxiety, stress and worry about a future that never comes.
The Bible’s answer: FEAR not!

fearThis is the most frequent command God gives: “Fear not. l am present with you.” God’s answer to fear is God’s presence. God pursues us in our fear.

This truth leads us to freedom.

The truth is: we are not alone. God is with us! We must reset our conception of Worst Case Scenario. It’s not Death anymore.
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