Why “The Grey” Ended Like it Did

Though it's billed as an action/suspense film, The Grey is really a philosophical musing on the nature of reality and our place in it. If we miss that, the film's outstanding conclusion [...]

The Sisters Brothers

"The Sisters Brothers" is a quick, easy read that has enough twists and turns to hold your interest, and with surprising moments of poetry and insight, it's a worthwhile book.

A Guide to Practicing Lent

Lent is how we prepare ourselves to observe Jesus' death and celebrate his resurrection. Here's a guide to taking Lent seriously.

Eat Your Veggis!

One of the challenges of connecting in small groups is getting along with the people who aren't like us. We are called not just to tolerate them, but to embrace and welcome them the same way God [...]

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

The core themes are solid, but the film as a whole is overly sentimental and exploits rather than builds on the tragedy of 9/11.


A solid film that manages to be more than just a love letter to Film, Hugo paints a beautiful picture of what can happen when the generation gap is bridged.