Beating Burnout by Anne Marie Miller

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Click to check out Beating Burnout on Amazon!

Click to check out Beating Burnout on Amazon!

Burnout is an experience nearly all of us can relate to – whether we’re in a busy season or we don’t draw healthy boundaries or whatever, our various obligations (both real and self-imposed) drain us dry and we end up a burned out husk. I’ve shared about my own experience with burnout several times. I had to learn the hard way:

Burnout is not pretty. It is not fun. But the good news is that burnout also is not inevitable.

Author and blogger Anne Marie Miller is quickly becoming my go-to expert on surviving burnout. And she’s recently released a new resource that engages burnout head-on. I’m pleased to introduce you to Beating Burnout: A 30 Day Guide to Hope and Health.

Beating Burnout began as an email newsletter through Advent last year (it actually inspired my 40-Daily Lenten devotional that begins on Wednesday). But it was so effective and helpful, Anne turned it into a 30-Day journey anyone can take.

You might think giving someone on the verge of burnout one more thing to do sounds silly. But the subtitle nails it: the path to hope and healing lies in these pages.

Anne Marie Miller

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We almost never burnout because we’re fundamentally incapable of accomplishing the work before us. It’s almost always because we believe wrong things about ourselves, don’t draw clear, healthy boundaries or have made an idol out of productivity.

Making a habit out of spending a few minutes each day hearing the truth of Scripture, listing to Anne’s reflections and engaging in the practice she offers guide us to discern how we ended up on the road to burnout and how we get back on the right track.

Beating Burnout works because Anne invites you into her journey to conquer burnout.

Anne's first book started it all.

Anne’s first book started it all.

Not only is Anne the daughter of a pastor who burned out, but she’s also experienced it in her own life. That doesn’t mean you should expect Beating Burnout is a memoire. It’s not. But because the book arises from Anne’s own journey, her reflections never come across as self-helpy or preachy. She’s not condescending and offers no pat answers.

Instead she is a kind, wise guide who helps you to know yourself better, to identify the sources of your burnout and craft some life-giving practices.

Each day is short and to-the-point. To take this 30-Day journey will not require hours of your time. That said, the practices Anne suggests each day can be easily brushed aside. In the end, you’ll get out of this valuable resource exactly what you put into it.

If you’re suffering from burnout (or headed that way), or if you know someone who’s there, pick up a copy of Beating Burnout – it’s available both as an eBook and in paperback. It’s the best investment you can make of time and money if you want to get serious about finding refreshment for your soul.

BOTTOM LINE: Beating Burnout is a valuable resource for anyone who’s nearing their limits. Take it seriously and you’ll find the tools you need to recover.

YOUR TURN: Have you ever experienced Burnout? How did you find healing?

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