300: Rise of an Empire

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300 Poster300 : Rise of an Empire is the brutal, bloody sequel to the 2006 surprise, hyper-masculine, special-effects-laden-gore-fest 300. The new film is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it feels very similar to 300, having been written by Frank Miller and produced by Zach Snyder (who directed 300).

The story is a bit muddled (I never thought I’d wish for more caption cards giving us dates!). But if you’re paying attention, it weaves around the first film surprisingly well. (I’m fully expecting a Directors’ Omi-cut weaving the two films together to be released next year). The acting is fine – it’s mostly yelling about “glory” and “freedom” and Eva Green making crazy eyes at everyone. Plus did anyone else notice that Themistocles looks a lot like pastor and leadership guru Andy Stanley?

But 300: Rise of an Empire also bears the same flaws as its predecessor: its inability to thoughtfully engage its central metaphor reduces it to a propaganda film at best and an unintentional parody at worst.

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