Wasting Time

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JR. Forasteros - June 7, 2015

Wasting Time

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How much money would be enough for you?

There’s a guy named John Paul Getty — he was an oil baron, who in 1957 was named the “richest living American”. He had a lot of money – about 8 billion dollars by today’s standards. No matter what he did, John Paul Getty made money. Once, a reporter asked him how much would be enough – how much money is enough? And his response has become infamous.

When multi-billionaire John Paul Getty was asked, “How much is enough?”, Getty responded, “Just a little bit more.”

Just a little bit more. Even with more money than one person could spend in a lifetime, Getty was convinced that he would never have enough.

Isn’t that fascinating – that a man who has more than anyone can be convinced he still doesn’t have enough, that he’ll never have enough? In fact, we all experience, in much smaller ways, how it feels always to be chasing Just a Little Bit More.

I want to suggest a strange truth that lies behind our Just a Little Bit More mentality: Hard work can be toxic.

That feels wrong to say. After all, we’re a nation of hard workers – the American Dream is built by hard work. And who would argue that hard work is a good thing? Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of relaxing at the end of a day where you’ve been crazy-productive, where everything was just firing on all cylinders?

We’ve all experienced those moments of holy exhaustion, when you did something that you knew contributed to the larger world in a wholesome way and it felt good and true and right.

But there’s that poison too, that Just a Little Bit More mentality that we also plainly recognize as bad. The posture of the workaholic, the absentee parent who never sees their kids, always at work even when we’re at home, unable to shut off and shut down.

Is hard work good? Or is it bad? Obviously the answer is Yes, but why? How? How can we know which is good and which is bad? When to lean in and put in a little bit more and when to set it down and walk away?

Join us Sunday as we learn what practice can help us to frame our hard work so it nourishes us.

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