Why Should I Fear?

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Debbie Reese - January 22, 2017

Why Should I Fear?

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This sermon is written and delivered by Debbie Reese.

The first day of school is one of my favorite days of the year; a new outfit, butterflies in my stomach about meeting all my new students and oh the smell of brand new school supplies. Every year on the first day,  I have my students sit on my classroom big carpet on their pocket squares and listen to the book The First Day Jitters.  The story starts with Mr. Hartwell trying to get Sarah Jane out of bed, get dressed and come down for breakfast.  She complains her head hurts, she doesn’t like her new school and she doesn’t know anyone.  With lots of prodding Mr. Hartwell gets her in the car and to school. She is greeted by the principal that has been waiting to show her to her new classroom. Everyone is crowding the halls and rushing to their classes with Sarah Jane!  The principal asks the students to be quiet in the classroom and the last page reads, “Class, I would like you to meet your new teacher….Mrs. Sarah Jane Hartwell.”  My students are blown away of the ending; they think the whole book is about a new student like themselves.

It is the perfect book for the first day of school especially for these future teacher students to see that teachers get nervous or the jitters just like them!

NO ONE likes change. Everyone likes the familiar-even if the familiar isn’t all that great! Everyone at some part of their life have had to make changes or choices; these might from starting a new job to as simple as what to have for lunch. With a new relationship, joining a new team or moving we know there is uncertainty & unknown. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable, we don’t want to work hard for change.  We are comfortable in our own clothes, homes, situations, jobs or relationships.

New experiences and change are  hard and scary, but God is working & the other side of change is BETTER.  God is with you every step of the way; even when it feels like He is not. That is the time for me when I know I need Him the most!  We all WANT  to hear or might hear  “The future is good so you don’t have to worry.” But the reality is we have no idea what the future holds or how this situation is going to turn out. So the good news is grounded in God’s character.

Because God is good, because God is trustworthy, because God is faithful, we can be confident in the face of change.

Join us Sunday as we learn how to face the future with confidence and courage!

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