The Gap Between Law and Love

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JR. Forasteros - February 12, 2017

The Gap Between Law and Love

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Let’s play a word association game. When I say the word “holiness”, what comes to your mind?

What about the word “Righteous”?

What about the word “Law”?

I’m sure we’re all over the board, but I wonder how many of us thought of words like “joy” or “privilege” or “love”? My guess is not many of us. Holiness makes us think of holier than thou, holy roller types. People who sticks in the mud. Righteousness slides quickly into self-righteousness, and none of the people who leap most immediately to our minds when we think “holy” or “righteous” are probably very loving.

Which is a problem, because those are words we associate closely with God, and God is supposed to be Love. There’s a gap there.

This tension between Law and Love is one that cuts to the heart of faith. Many of us have a picture of God that is like an angry parent or cruel judge (like we talked about last week). He might love us, but mainly, God sits on high, watching to see if we’re good enough (and of course we’re not). For many of us, faith is a source of guilt and shame. I interact with people too often whose basic assumption is that they’re not good enough for God, that if they walked in the building to worship with us today, the building would burn down around them.

Others of us can imagine that God loves us, but we struggle to make a connection between God’s love for us and all the rules of religion. The dichotomy doesn’t make a lot of sense – if God loves us unconditionally, why are there rules at all? Doesn’t that make God’s love conditional, if we are obligated to some sort of Law?

Let’s explore this tension between Law and Love. We’ll see that God’s Law grows out of God’s love and lead to God’s life.

Join us Sunday as we learn how God’s law is a blessing and a privilege that leads us to life!

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