Can These Bones Live?

Sometimes, being good is easy - just minor tweaks to a bad habit. But there are sins that live deep in our bones that seem impossible to change. These sins test our faith in a God who brings life [...]

A Better View

We live in a culture plagued by certainty. Everyone is sure they see each issue or situation with perfect clarity. Deep down, we know that’s not true, that no one is always right. How can we [...]

Dying of Thirst

All too often, we equate faith with feeling. If we don't feel God, we must lack faith. But true faith is trusting God's character and calling even when we don't sense God's presence. By [...]

A Legacy of Life

What is it like to be on the receiving end of ME? What kind of legacy am I leaving? Who is in my wake? God's call of Abram invites us to consider how we can leave a legacy of life.

The First Failure

We don’t like rules. Especially when it comes to religion, we see rules as God’s way of restricting us, keeping us from living a full, fun life. But the story of the first sin reveals that God’s [...]