Don’t Hold Your Breath

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JR. Forasteros - June 4, 2017

Don't Hold Your Breath

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How long can you hold your breath? A minute? A couple of minutes? The world record is about 7 minutes (which is pretty impressive). And a few crazy daredevils have found ways to hold their breath for almost 23 minutes (but it turns out that doing that very often can destroy your lungs and maybe your brain!).

That seems like a long time – 20 minutes holding your breath. But only because we need to breathe so regularly. Kids breathe an average of 20 times per minute, and adults take 12-18 breaths per minute.

That’s a lot of breathing. And we never think about it. We just breathe in, breathe out. 20 or more times per minute. In 20 minutes, that means we breathe 300 times.

In a day? Over 20,000 times.

So 20 minutes isn’t really that long in the scope of our day. The reality is if we didn’t breathe all the time, we couldn’t do anything.

We wouldn’t be able to function. There’s a reason we don’t go around trying to hold our breath all day. It makes everything harder!

Pentecost Sunday is the birthday of the Church. We celebrate when the Holy Spirit was given to us. The Holy Spirit is God, the third person of the Trinity, along with the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is the one who raised Jesus from the dead and the one who lives in and among us now, making us the Church!

Let’s talk about the Spirit as our spiritual breath.

To try to live faithfully without the Spirit is the same as trying to live while holding our breath – it’s not good for us, and it makes everything harder. Ultimately, we can’t even do it.

But if we’ll breathe in God’s Holy Spirit, we’ll find the power to be the people and the Church God has called us to be.

Pentecost is a birthday party. We celebrate that God is alive and living among us!

Join us Sunday as we learn how to breathe in the Spirit, to embrace the power God gives us to do the work God calls us to.

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