Dust in My Mouth

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This message was written and delivered by artist Katie Fisher, whose installation Dust in My Mouth has been on display during this sermon series.

For the last 6 years I have been living with chronic illness. At times I have been so ill I can’t get out of bed or take care of myself. Wrestling through dark days and against my own unfulfilled ambitions has led me to stop praying for healing and to reimagine what hope looks like for me.

The struggle has been long and discouraging.

I stopped praying for healing because I was exhausting myself in searching for a solution that was not coming. I wanted a solution in which I could continue to be strong and in need of nothing—and no one.

Thankfully my prayers remain unanswered.

Let’s talk about hope. Let’s look at the false hope we want to see in Lamentations 3 and the sustaining hope which the Prophet declares—the same hope Christ embodied on the cross. To this hope, through honest lament, Christ beckons us, his church, to join him.

Join us Sunday as we learn how healing may not look like we thought it would.

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