Who Broke Our Calendars?

Do you ever feel like your calendar is broken? Like you wish you had the power to add hours, days or even weeks to your schedule? When did our lives get so out of control? And who is running our [...]

Puppy Faith

What happens when God disappoints us? It happens to every person of faith eventually – we come to realize that God isn’t here to be part of our story, to fit into our agendas. Palm Sunday is a [...]

Seeds of Resistance

When we confront the big evils of the world like racism or school violence, we often feel paralyzed. What can we do in the face of these behemoths it’s easy to label ‘demonic’? It’s [...]

For Goodness Snakes

What is the goal of faith? Is it safety? Is it a sense of control? Prestige and position? These were in Nicodemus’ mind when he sought out Jesus. But Jesus’ words to him are confounding: Jesus [...]

Spring Cleaning

Does anyone these days feel like they have margin in their lives? Space in their schedules, in their finances? We tend to live at 100%, with no space to listen for God, no room to engage God’s [...]

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