The True Vine

We live in a mechanized world. The buzz words of the day are 'productivity' and 'efficiency'. But we're not machines - we're organic, flesh and blood. Jesus calls us to be not productive, but [...]

The Good Shepherd

Karl Marx famously claimed that religion was the ‘opiate of the masses’. He meant what we know – religion can be a powerful means of controlling people. This was as true in Jesus’ day as it is in [...]

More than Magic Tricks

Why do you follow Jesus? Many of us follow because we want Jesus to change our circumstances, to work a miracle in our jobs, families or bodies. But Jesus’ aim isn’t to improve our lives. Rather, [...]

A Defense of the Faith

Does the idea of fighting about religion make you nervous? Of course it does! But we’re so often taught that we have to defend our faith against people who don’t believe. After all, Jesus himself [...]

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