Sabbath Revolution

Sabbath is one of those old-fashioned ideas we don't pay attention to much these days. After all, who can really afford to take a whole day off from life? In Jeremiah's day, the people's failure [...]

No Fast, No Feast

You know that "This is Fine" Dog? It's a pretty good representation of God's people in Jeremiah's day - and maybe in ours too. That's why God told Jeremiah not to attend funerals or weddings. God [...]

Lying in Our Shame

Everyone knows that God loves us. So... why is it so hard to receive that love? What is the path to freedom from the guilt, shame and fear that keep us trapped in idolatrous ways of life?

Leaky Rain Catchers

No one worries about idols anymore. Which is weird because the prophets warned about them all the time. Why should we still heed their warnings today? What, exactly, IS an idol? And what does any [...]

What Makes a Prophet?

What is a prophet? Contrary to popular imagination, prophets in the Bible weren't fortune tellers. God called prophets to tell the truth about God's people, to hold up a mirror to the people. [...]

One Big (Magical) Family

Throughout the summer, we’ve see how differently we all experience the world, and how different our paths to healing can be. Such a variety can be overwhelming – sort of like Mirabel’s big [...]