How Do We Know God?

How do we know who God is? After all, there are dozens of religions who all make competing claims about God's nature. God has revealed themselves to us through God's actions in human history. [...]

Who’s Thirsty?

What does it mean for us that the Holy Spirit is alive around and within us? On Pentecost, the birthday of the Church, we're exploring one of Jesus' stranger word pictures. It all has to do with [...]

Good Code

Jesus prays that God will make us one the same way Jesus and the Father are one. What does this oneness look like? Think of us all like lines of computer code. We're all different, and all have [...]

Good Trouble

What do we do when the right thing is wrong? Ever since Jesus was executed by Rome as a political criminal, Christians have often found our commitment to God's Kingdom at odds with the nations [...]

Your Temple is a Body

Everyone knows you should follow Jesus so you can go to heaven when you die... and get a mansion, if we're to believe the songs! But would you be surprised to know that Jesus never promises us [...]

A Leader You Can Trust

How do we know what God is doing? With so many opinions in the world, it's hard to know who to trust. But who would know better than... God? After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to a family on [...]

Peace and Fear

Misunderstandings cause a lot of friction in our lives. But bad communication isn't always the culprit - sometimes we just don't know how to use the right language. Could the same be true of [...]

The Magic Number is 8

Easter is more than a celebration of that thing (Jesus coming back to life!) that happened that one time (2,000 years ago). It's liberation - the beginning of a new reality that hides in plain [...]

Just Play the Hits

We all bring expectations with us into relationships, and not having them met can be a source of real pain and conflict. Palm Sunday illustrates how Jesus refused to meet the expectations of [...]

When God Fails Us

In our most honest moments, we recall times God has let us down. Prayers unanswered, illnesses unhealed, relationships not mended. We wonder, in those times, what the point of faith is. Why [...]