My Wife’s (Not So Secret) Superpower

Amanda has a superpower. She's impossible NOT to love. Go ahead... try. I dare you.

If 50 is the New 30, then is 30 the new 21?

Extended Adolescence is just part of the larger evolution of our culture's script. Rather than criticizing, we all need to work together to figure out what's coming next.

A Guide to Practicing Lent

Lent is how we prepare ourselves to observe Jesus' death and celebrate his resurrection. Here's a guide to taking Lent seriously.

Best iPhone Games – 2011 Edition

An updated list of my favorite games on the iPhone. All of these games were available as of December 2011! Click on the Game Name to buy it in the App Store!

Real Marriage by Mark and Grace Driscoll

Though it's certainly not all bad, the helpful and the harmful in Real Marriage are too thoroughly intertwined to be helpful.

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