Old Time Religion

Where do we find Jesus today? According to Jesus, we find him among the outcast and marginal. And that's not a new idea - even for Jesus. Real religion, old time religion, the way God created us [...]

Black Jesus

Religion is far too often nothing but platitudes. How many times have you heard, "God has a plan," or "It is what it is"? No wonder Marx called religion "the opiate of the masses!" But, at least [...]

Superman Messiah

We love the idea that Jesus saves us from sin. But what does he save us for? What if Jesus' life is as important as his death? We kick off our new series by exploring how Jesus' death frees us to [...]

The Christmas Grinch

There's one person in the Christmas story we don't like to talk about - the guy who tried to kill Jesus, and in the process visited an atrocity on the families of Bethlehem. That's right: Herod [...]

If Only in My Dreams

Christmas is a season of new life, of impossible possibility. Joseph illustrates for us the sort of faith that finds hope in the most unlikely places. As we approach Christmas, how can we attend [...]

John Had a Point

We're about to the time in the Advent season when the Christmas cheer begins to feel oppressive. After all, we know the world isn't really characterized by peace on earth or goodwill to all [...]

An Advent Carol

This time of year, nobody wants to be Scrooge. But the ba-humbug spirit is sneakier than we might think. John the Baptizer appears to us this year as the three spirits of Advent past, present and [...]

Curiosity 2022

'Curiosity' is not a word we associate with churches. Churches are more often known for quieting questions and insisting we 'just have faith.' But curiosity is a virtue - the most faithful people [...]