T. D. Jakes

These are my summary reflections from the Catalyst East Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The theme this year was “The Tension is Good”, so the speakers mostly used their talks to explore various [...]

Francis Chan – Being Present with God

Francis began by considering how easily leaders are distracted in the present moment. He asked if he was the only person there who had trouble staying with people in the moment. He’s certainly [...]

Obama the Muslim, Romney the Christian: Why Can’t We Vote for Someone Who’s Not Like Us?

As election day inches closer, the campaign rhetoric continues to heat up. And as in previous years, religion is at the forefront. This year, however, Evangelicals are faced with a dilemma [...]

Book: Life After Art

To win a FREE copy of Life After Art, see the comments! If you know anything about public education in our country, you know it’s in a whole heap of trouble. And you’ve probably heard [...]

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