JR. Forasteros - July 3, 2022

Mirabel the Peacemaker - Enneagram 9

La Familia Madrigal\'s Handy Dandy Guide to Spiritual Transformation

Do you know someone who feels like a warm plate of chocolate chip cookies? Maybe you know someone who's gentle, kind and filled with care for everyone around them. They're probably an Enneagram 9 - the Peacemaker. What makes 9s special? What is their path to flourishing? And how can the rest of us learn from them and support them?

From Series: "La Familia Madrigal's Handy Dandy Guide to Spiritual Transformation"

ENCANTO is one of the most popular movies in recent memories. It's packed with spiritual truth - and each character offers us a picture of the possibility of transformation. This summer, we're diving into Encanto using the Enneagram - an ancient guide to spiritual growth - to help us look more like Jesus and love more like him too!

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