I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Christmas is a time we celebrate light and joy, peace on earth and goodwill for all people. But that can feel at odds with the state of our world. Advent is our chance to prepare to celebrate Christmas with eyes wide open. We’re affirming that the world belongs to God – it’s God’s rightful home. And because of that, we can trust that God is not going to abandon the world – and certainly not us!

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Table Setting

What makes us a church? How do our core values – Friendship, Diversity, Transformation and Curiosity – work together to make us God’s people in the world? Join us in this series as we gather around tables to celebrate how God forms us for the world!

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La Familia Madrigal’s Handy Dandy Guide to Spiritual Transformation

ENCANTO is one of the most popular movies in recent memories. It’s packed with spiritual truth – and each character offers us a picture of the possibility of transformation. This summer, we’re diving into Encanto using the Enneagram – an ancient guide to spiritual growth – to help us look more like Jesus and love more like him too!

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Feeling a little bit… disconnected? You’re not alone. As we carve out a new reality together, what role does faith play? We follow the early church through the book of Acts as we learn how Jesus’ resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit prepared them for a whole new reality. What does that mean for us? It’s time to get reconnected!

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God is Not…

When you picture God, who do you see? Old guy with a white beard? A mysterious rainbow force? A middle eastern peasant? St. Aquinas warned that we always make God into what God is not because God is beyond us. So in this series, we’re going to focus on some common ways we get God wrong. By confessing what God is not, we get a better picture of who God really is.

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Deep Breath

JR. Forasteros - January 9, 2022

God in Solidarity with Us

Deep Breath

As the pandemic wears on, more and more of us experience a deep sense of loneliness. At the beginning of this new year, how can we find God present with us in a way that doesn't ask us to ignore that pain? How does God's solidarity with us actually speak to this deep sense of isolation so many of us carry right now?

From Series: "Deep Breath"

We look for the new year as a time to recenter and refocus. But after the last couple of years, maybe we need to be restored and refreshed. How is the Holy Spirit working to heal us as we prepare for 2022?

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O Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree has become a central symbol of our celebration of Jesus’ birth. How does this symbol invite us deeper into the Christmas story – a story that reaches from the ancient past toward a hope-filled future?

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Church of Theseus

An ancient Greek thought experiment asks us to imagine a ship that, over the years, has every plank and mast replaced. When there’s no more original wood left, is it the same ship? Catalyst has changed a lot over the last decade. Despite all the changes, what defines us as a church? And what does that mean for our future?

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Journey to Love

Our deepest human need is to love and be loved. Despite – or maybe because of – this fact, we are often not good at giving or receiving love. In this series, we’ll explore the nature of love and what it means to receive love so that we can learn to love well. Join us as we embark upon this journey to love!

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How to Get Your Groove Back

On this side of the pandemic, we’re all struggling to reclaim the rhythms that help us feel centered and grounded. How can we begin to build rhythm into our lives? What practices help us reclaim our spiritual center? Join us as we find how to get our groove back!

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