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Sue Sweeney - October 1, 2017


Empathy for the Devil

We work to strike a healthy balance between faith, family, work and all the other elements of our lives. But Jezebel's story shows us that God doesn't ask for balance; God asks for allegiance. How can we seek God first - and why is that good for everything else in our lives?

From Series: "Empathy for the Devil"

We don't give the people we consider villains a second thought. They were born rotten, destined for evil from day one. But if we take another look at some of the most infamous villains of all time, we may find they're more human than we thought. We may see ourselves in their reflection. We might find we're walking the path of villainy - and once we see that, we can turn toward God's life!

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How can we get rich? If we would stop to look around, we’d realize that wealth is dangerous, and that we’re far more wealthy than we understand. If we see how rich we truly are, and how God calls us to use our money, the sky is the limit!

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