5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith

How do we discover life-changing faith? What would your life look like if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt God was real? How would your relationships be different? How would your job be [...]

[W]hole 2018

How do we know if we’re a whole person? Sin never begins full grown – it starts as seeds buried deep within us. Jesus told us a fully human life is one where we love God with our [...]

The Way, Way Back

What's Summer without a road trip? We're travelling back to the stories of the Patriarchs - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. They lived on the road, and in their travels, they encountered God in [...]

Monday Messiah

We like to claim that Jesus’ resurrection changed the world. But how? How does it matter that Jesus was raised from the dead not on Sunday, when we worship, but on Monday, when we dive back [...]

The Devil in the Details

Ever feel like life is a blur? A constant flurry of obligations and activities and commitments? We keep ourselves so busy we don’t have time to listen for the still, small voice of God [...]

Ask Better Questions

Does it seem these days that people don't ask good questions? Questions come with barbs all over them, or are asked in such a way that the answer is already obvious. God coming into the world [...]

To Be Continued

Advent is the season in which we prepare to welcome Jesus into the world. It’s a season of hope – the light has not come, but it is coming into the world. It’s the time of day [...]

Good Grief

We avoid pain and grief as much as possible. When faced with someone else’s grief, we avoid or offer platitudes. But the book of Lamentations invites us to sit with grief, to enter into the [...]

Empathy for the Devil

We don’t give the people we consider villains a second thought. They were born rotten, destined for evil from day one. But if we take another look at some of the most infamous villains of [...]