The Act of Killing

In the face of unspeakable evils in the world, how can we respond? Peter challenged early Christians to remain faithful to live out the story of Jesus. How does that make a difference? How can [...]

Star Wars

If The Force Awakens is criticized for anything, it’s for being too similar to the older Star Wars films. But we’re living in an age of nostalgia. Perhaps because our world is in such turmoil, we [...]

The Matrix

Religion far too often is a tool of oppression. People in power often uses biblical texts to justify their oppression. We explore one of these texts in 1 Peter and see that the text was [...]

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001 embodies the myth of progress in its iconic opening sequence: technology will ultimately save us. But Peter reminds the early Church that they are saved not by their own efforts, but by what [...]


Much sci-fi is about the promise of a pain-free life. But Wall-E points out that a pain-free life might not actually lead to our flourishing. Peter opens his letter to suffering Christians by [...]

To Serve Man

Easter celebrates Jesus' resurrection, his victory over death, and our invitation to new life. But in a world where there's no such thing as a free lunch, how can we trust that God really wants [...]

Listening for God

How often do we have to ask, “What did you say?” because we weren’t listening to someone? If that’s true in our distracted, busy lives, how much more true is it in our faith? On Palm Sunday, we [...]

Can These Bones Live?

Sometimes, being good is easy - just minor tweaks to a bad habit. But there are sins that live deep in our bones that seem impossible to change. These sins test our faith in a God who brings life [...]

A Better View

We live in a culture plagued by certainty. Everyone is sure they see each issue or situation with perfect clarity. Deep down, we know that’s not true, that no one is always right. How can we [...]

Dying of Thirst

All too often, we equate faith with feeling. If we don't feel God, we must lack faith. But true faith is trusting God's character and calling even when we don't sense God's presence. By [...]