Where God Speaks

So many well meaning people have the idea that when good things happen in their lives it means God is near them. And they also subscribe to the opposite notion that when bad things happen in [...]

YHWH Shalom – Peace

When we are confronted by either the needs in our world or God's call for us to address those needs, it's easy to become paralyzed. To think that we're not capable enough, that what's really [...]


Friendships in our culture are challenging. Many have no friendships, while many more have friendships that are toxic rather than life-giving. The example of David and Jonathan shows us what a [...]

Running Again

We tend to worship God on Sundays, but spend the rest of our week running from one obligation to the next, hobbling back in the next week exhausted and in desperate need of refreshment. When [...]

Give Us a King!

These days, we outsource a lot of our lives. But our spiritual lives aren't one of those things. How can we embrace the responsibility and freedom of an unmediated relationship with God?