How to Be Kind

It feels harder and harder to disagree well. We hear frequent calls for civility and niceness. But for a people of faith, nice isn’t enough. Rather than settle for a superficial niceness, God calls us to imitate Jesus in offering a deep kindness. Kindness insists we treat others as though they are part of our family. How do we pursue kindness together in the next month?

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Rules: Voter Suppression

Every institution has rules, both written and unwritten, that make it run. How should Christians engage a system with unjust rules? We explore another meal Jesus shares with Pharisees to discern how we can respond to voter suppression specifically as a people of faith.

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Arenas: Redlining

Catalyst is a church in the suburbs. In many ways, the space we call home has been shaped by America’s racialized history – a history most of us don’t even know.

Don’t believe me? Watch this:

How should a people of faith respond to the reality of redlining?

Join us Sunday as we learn how a church in the suburbs can work for more just spaces.

Artefacts: Monuments

All systems are comprised of physical artefacts. As we begin our exploration of systemic racism in America, we investigate the Confederate monuments we’re removing all over the country. How should persons of faith understand this issue, and more importantly: how does that illuminate how the artefacts in our daily lives are racialized too?

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