A Plan Comes Together

The New Year is a great excuse to soar up to 30,000 ft and look at the big story of God's plan. Christmas isn't a day or even a season. It's a new reality Jesus invites us into. Now we can all be [...]

New Year, New Name

None of us can wait for 2020 to be over - but secretly we all know that nothing *magical* happens at midnight on January 1. Fortunately, our assurance for the future comes not from a calendar, [...]

A Plan B Christmas

It's a bit of an understatement to say that this Christmas isn't what any of us planned. But disruption is part of the first Christmas. Mary shows us - unlike her ancestor David - what [...]

Persistent Hope

Too many Christians today wonder what the point of caring for the world is if we all go to Heaven after we die. But at the heart of the Advent message is an insistence that Jesus' coming is good [...]