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I don’t know that I’ve yet to arrive at a travel destination with everything I need. It’s pretty much gotten to the point where I research the closest Walgreens or CVS before I leave so I know where to get some toothpaste, shampoo or a bar of soap that I inevitably forgot at the AirBnB where I stayed.

I’ve developed something of a packing routine – usually the night before a trip, I spend thirty minutes or so packing my suitcase with all the clothes I’m going to need. Socks and underwear, then pants, then shirts. Next are accessories: Do I need shoes beyond the ones I’m wearing? Belts? Hoodie or coat? 

Next is my backpack – laptop, chargers, books and magazines. 

Last, I go for the toiletries (and these are the things I always forget). I pack as much as I can, but most of it stays out because I need it tomorrow morning before we leave! (That’s why I forget stuff – packing before coffee is a losing game.)

What are your trip-prep rituals?

One more for us – and this one is very weird. I don’t remember why we started it, but I think before we were even married, we decided our “beginning the road trip song” was “La Grange” by Z. Z. Top. Why? Couldn’t tell you. But as soon as we hit the road, we start the song and it’s time to go.

Trip rituals help us get ready to go somewhere. They cue us in to the idea that it’s time for a change. And today,

At the end of Epiphany, we’re setting out on a journey with Jesus. We’re embarking on the journey of Lent, where we follow Jesus to the cross.

Let’s spend some time asking if we’re ready to go.

Join us Sunday as we prepare for a journey of transformation by God’s Holy Spirit!

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