Michelle Reyes - August 9, 2020

How to Read Folklore

How the Bible Works

How are the powerless to make their way in the world? Folktales - literally stories of the people - record tricks and traps those with no social or political capital use to shape the world around them. But... why are such stories in the Bible? And can they really form us spiritually? Michelle Reyes takes us into the story of Tamar to explore the tricksters and trickstars who enact Biblical justice - whatever it takes!

From Series: "How the Bible Works"

Reading Scripture is an essential means of transformation. But can we be honest? The Bible is really confusing. What's literal? What's not? And how does a library of ancient literature make us new in this modern age? This summer, we're learning how to read the Bible - not to get smarter, but to be changed!

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