JR. Forasteros - March 26, 2017

New Eyes

Lent is for Losers

We live in a culture plagued by certainty. Everyone is sure they see each issue or situation with perfect clarity. Deep down, we know that’s not true, that no one is always right. How can we learn some humility - and how can that humility free us to see from God's perspective?

From Series: "Lent is for Losers"

Too often, we think faith is about winning - getting our way in the culture or in our homes. But during Lent, we'll trace the human journey through the Old Testament and see that getting what we want never works out like we hope. We'll see how Jesus enters into our failure and becomes a loser just like us. Somehow, his failure is good news for us. It turns out God is for losers, which is good news for all us failures.

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