JR. Forasteros - April 3, 2022

God is Not a White Man

God is Not a White Man

Christianity has a long history of oppressing both women and peoples of color - often using the Bible to justify it. But Jesus is the God who freed the Hebrew slaves, who comforted the Exiles, who appointed a woman as the first apostle and preacher. What does a faith that rejects misogyny and racism look like? How can we affirm that God is not a white man?

From Series: "God is Not..."

When you picture God, who do you see? Old guy with a white beard? A mysterious rainbow force? A middle eastern peasant? St. Aquinas warned that we always make God into what God is not because God is beyond us. So in this series, we're going to focus on some common ways we get God wrong. By confessing what God is not, we get a better picture of who God really is.

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