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  • Infinite Jolly Ranchers
    Infinite Jolly Ranchers
    We're taught only to be friends with those who can benefit us in some way. Even the Ancient Romans valued this kind of friendship. But Jesus shows us a different way: to engage in friendships for what you can GIVE, not what you can get. When we love God, we have more than enough to go around. We can love and give without worry that we won't have enough.
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  • 4’33”
    Though faith begins as an exciting journey, it often crystallizes into legalism. We become convinced God only works through particular, narrow forms of faith. John Cage's unique musical experiment, 4'33" is the soundtrack for Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus in John 3. Jesus offers a frame for our lives - we can see everything as spiritual. Every aspect of our lives is a venue for the new life Jesus gives us.
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  • The Middle
    The Middle
    We all desire to fit it somewhere. We spend a lot of time developing social "currency" so we can earn our place. But as God tells the Corinthians, the life Jesus offers us is upside down. God doesn't value what the world does. Our currency is worthless because we're already children of the king of kings.
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