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  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a fantastic comic book film that explores America's post-9/11 reaction to our inability to control the world. Along the way it tries (and fails) to appropriate the Jesus story, but that's a failing of the American Dream itself, not the film. WINTER SOLDIER is a smart, fun, funny and action-packed spy-thriller/super-hero flick - easily the best installment of Marvel's Phase II films so far!
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  • MUSIC: Page CXVI “Good Friday to Easter”
    MUSIC: Page CXVI “Good Friday to Easter”
    PAGE CXVI releases their final album in their Church Year Project tomorrow. It's called GOOD FRIDAY TO EASTER and it's an incredible way to help yourself prepare for the most important celebration in the Church year. Preview the album here!
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  • NOAH: The Most Biblical Unbiblical Movie Ever?
    NOAH: The Most Biblical Unbiblical Movie Ever?
    Despite changing certain details of the story for the purposes of storytelling, NOAH is a profoundly Biblical film, embodying the themes of the Biblical story in a powerful cinematic format.
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Sermon Previews:

  • The God of Nation
    The God of Nation
    We all love to feel like we belong to something. But belonging easily becomes an idol. When we assume God is on our side, supports our views and policies, we turn a good - belonging - into a god. We sanctify our group, become incapable of admitting that our tribes are as sinful as we are. The only way we can find life is to follow Jesus into the Kingdom of God, to embrace our status as resident aliens. To live as faithful pictures of Jesus, to serve as ambassadors for God.
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  • The God of Entertainment
    The God of Entertainment
    Unlike other idols, Entertainment is a subtle god. When we tune into something entertaining, we often shut off our brains, relax and enjoy. Our mindlessness allows Leisure to shape us unconsciously. We're called to be mindful in our entertainment choices, to use even our leisure to help us love God and love each other better.
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  • The God of Technology
    The God of Technology
    Technology manifests as a god when we begin to think that we are enough in and of ourselves. We might call it the god of Progress. The story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 warns us why progress and technology aren't worthy of our trust.
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