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  • Why God Speaks
    Why God Speaks
    When confronted with the possibility that God is speaking to us, many of us are afraid. We’re convinced God’s call on our life is at odds with what we want for ourselves. Others are apathetic – we’re not convinced God is able to achieve the plans God has for us anyway, so what’s the point? We see in the person of Jesus that God is speaking to us to give us true life, to restore us to our true selves and to transform us into agents of healing in the world.
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  • How God Speaks
    How God Speaks
    Many of us assume that God can’t talk to us – that because God is the all-powerful creator of the universe, we are incapable of understanding anything God would say to us. But because God has come to us in the person of Jesus, we can be confident that God speaks to us in ways we understand. The secret is to put ourselves in contexts where we can hear God. Spiritual practices and godly community help us hear when God is speaking in our everyday lives.
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  • When God Speaks
    When God Speaks
    Most of us assume God doesn’t speak to us. But what if God is speaking to us? What if we can learn to hear God’s voice in the middle of our everyday lives? The stories of Samuel and Nathanael teach us that learning to discern God’s voice in our lives takes practice, patience and people. But we can learn to hear God if we learn how to listen!
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