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  • A New Hope
    A New Hope
    We are a nation of rebels, in a world of rebellion. We’ve all chosen our way, our vision of the good life, at the cost of someone else, on both personal and national levels. And when we stop to consider the fate of rebels in our world, the picture isn’t pretty. But Peter’s explanation of the meaning of a miraculous healing reveals good news: God has launched a counter-rebellion against humanity, one that means life and hope for both the rebels and the Empire. In God’s new world, everyone gets life!
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  • Plenty of Mushrooms
    Plenty of Mushrooms
    We live in a world of scarcity, where we’re convinced there’s not enough to go around. But God created a very good world, one that was not a zero-sum universe. In the wake of Pentecost, we see the early church living into this abundant creation by selling everything and living in common. How can their radical example challenge us to live in abundance today? What does a radically generous church look like?
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  • Fail to Win
    Fail to Win
    We’re all well-acquainted with failure – in our personal lives, our vocations, our dreams and aspirations. When we fail, fear of failing again can paralyze us. But what we don’t see is that God is working, even in our failures, to bring life and hope. Peter shows us the difference Jesus’ resurrection makes, the freedom and power that pushes us to take a risk, to go there!
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