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  • Return of the King
    Return of the King
    Most of us today have a deep distrust of institutions and the people who lead them. Governments and politicians, corporations and CEOs, pastors and churches. We’ve almost given up dreaming that a leader could come who can make our institutions whole. Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, the arrival of the true king who has begun to set the whole world right.
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  • Living for Peanuts
    Living for Peanuts
    We all cling to certain things in our lives – our jobs, our families, our beliefs. But all too often, the way we cling to those things brings exhaustion, despair, defeat – in a word, death. We find true life in letting go of our lives, allowing them to “die” so that we are free to grasp the life God offers us. Only when we lose our lives are we free to find the life that truly is life!
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  • Sleeping with Bears
    Sleeping with Bears
    Many times, we don’t recognize when we are doing things that are destroying our life. For us its just the way it is, comfortable, what’s expected. Sin works this way too. It’s hard to see that the only result of a life lived that way is death. It’s like we are sleeping with bears and surprised when we get eaten. Through the snake on a stick, and Jesus on the cross, God is peeling back the curtain on our lives to reveal where a life like that is leading, so that we can leave that life and accept the life God has for us. The only true life there is. Leaving that death is tough, and could feel a lot like dying, and it could take a long time to figure out, but it’s totally worth it.
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