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  • Learning to Fly
    Learning to Fly
    We don't like to wait. Especially when change is on the horizon, we'd rather just rush into the change. But growing is waiting, and waiting is an opportunity for faith. The journey of coming to [...]
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  • Grow (in the Next 10 Years)
    Grow (in the Next 10 Years)
    We imagine growing spiritually is difficult because we think God is distant and hidden. But God's hiddenness is an invitation to seek so that we can enjoy discovering. We can trust our instincts [...]
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  • Serve (in the Next 10 Years)
    Serve (in the Next 10 Years)
    Imaging serving and immediately summon feelings of obligation, of duty. But Paul speaks of Christian service as freedom – a freedom to slavery. Love is the key – when we serve out of love, our [...]
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