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  • Sly Like a Fox
    Sly Like a Fox
    We often see church as a place to receive, to consume spiritual nourishment. But in a very strange parable, Jesus challenges us to move beyond consuming to contributing. He challenges us to use every resource we have at our disposal to bring about God's way here around us.
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  • The Best Parties
    The Best Parties
    We have a sense that life with God is a chore, full of rules and regulations. People in the Church are often secretly jealous of those outside the Church because they get to have all the fun. But according to Jesus, God throws the best parties. And there's more than enough room for the saints and the sinners.
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  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    We typically imagine God to be in Church, among the religious people. Or possibly in Heaven, surrounded by worshippers. But when some religious people in his day find Jesus partying with sinners and are scandalized, Jesus tells them a story about God's love for lost things. God is out there, searching restlessly until all who were lost are found!
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