Useless W/O
The original lineup (from left) Chris (drums), Mark (bass),
Mike (guitar), JR. (vocals)


In college, I was in a band called Useless W/O. Mike G, Chris Joseph, Mark West, Nathan Pierce and I played together during 2000-2001. We were based out of Southwest Baptist University, near Springfield, MO.

Before you ask, yes, I was the screamer.

One of my favorite pics, with new bassist Nathan Pierce

You can download any (or all) of the tracks you want. We made the music over a decade ago. If you enjoy it, please help yourself!

I loved being part of a band; it was one of the highlights of my collegiate experience. The music is fantastic; I enjoy listening to it even now. And even though I look back now at the some of lyrics I wrote as immature and cheesy, it was a great time in my life.

What better way to mark a point in my spiritual journey than with some face-melting metal?

That was a rhetorical question. There is no better way.

Enjoy the music, and let us know what you think!

Here’s video footage from our last concert before we broke up. The lights come on after the first song, and the camera can focus a lot better.