God Is… Father

What does it mean to be a good father? And what do we do if we have bad fathers? In John's Gospel, Jesus teaches us what fatherhood looks like - and why it matters that God is our father, whether [...]

God is… Son

Too often, we pit Jesus against God, as though they're playing good cop/bad cop with us. We end up afraid to reach out to God, afraid to pray. But John shows us that Jesus IS God, that he invites [...]

God Is… Holy Spirit

Many of us are afraid to share the good news about Jesus because we don't think our stories are interesting or remarkable. But John's introduction to the Holy Spirit reminds us that what makes [...]

Unicorn Whisperers

We live in a world that teaches us to hide our true selves. Maybe we’re afraid of being seen. Or maybe we’re ashamed of our pasts. Or we got hurt the last time we put ourselves out there. [...]

Remaining in Love

No one wants to admit it, but we're all really bad at being loved. Our inability to receive love poisons all our relationships. How can we learn to remain in Jesus' love so that we can share love [...]

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