Magnificent Refinement

Who do you most identify with in the Christmas story? Maybe we most love Mary and Joseph, or the magi on their road trip, or the shepherds. The song Mary sings while she’s pregnant with Jesus is [...]

Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever been silenced? It doesn't feel good. No wonder so many of us don't speak up for what's right. We feel ignored, unimportant or unworthy. But Mary's story shows us that God calls us [...]


Churches often approach serving as an opportunity to take Jesus to people who don’t know him. But Scripture insists that God is always ahead of us, already at work. How can we learn to approach [...]


Churches think of Discipleship primarily in terms of learning more about God. But we only become more like God when we let ourselves be known by God. What does it look like to become a church [...]


‘Diversity’ has become a buzz word in more and more churches. But it’s not just the trend of the day. The whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, reveals that God has called us to be a diverse [...]


American culture is in the midst of what psychologists are calling a loneliness epidemic. How is the Church called to be a cure for loneliness? And what does that mean for what's ahead for Catalyst?

Pivotal Circumstances

Big changes, painful loss and other significant events often test our faith. How can God be good if we're suffering? But God is at work in the midst of those painful places to bring us to trust, [...]

Personal Service

When we see a need, we often think, "Oh, someone should help!" One of the biggest barriers to us stepping up is our own anxiety. But what if those are opportunities to grow in our faith? What if [...]

Private Disciplines

Most of us groan when we hear the word 'discipline' - especially when it comes to faith. Spiritual disciplines seem so often like chores we have to do to earn God's favor. But God invites us into [...]

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