Ashley Bekkerus - July 31, 2022

Pepa the Romantic - Enneagram 4

Pepa the Romantic - Enneagram 4

You know those creative types? The suffering artist, that person who seems to have this deep well of emotions the rest of us only dabble in? You know an Enneagram 4, and like Encanto's Tia Pepa, they can be both nourishing and overwhelming. How do we keep from getting blown away by these Romantics' wild emotions? And what's their path to flourishing?

From Series: "La Familia Madrigal's Handy Dandy Guide to Spiritual Transformation"

ENCANTO is one of the most popular movies in recent memories. It's packed with spiritual truth - and each character offers us a picture of the possibility of transformation. This summer, we're diving into Encanto using the Enneagram - an ancient guide to spiritual growth - to help us look more like Jesus and love more like him too!

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