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Tommy Cash - March 12, 2017

A Legacy of Life

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I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sin

Forgiveness is difficult – both as an internal experience and as an external movement to restore the social relationship that’s been broken. But to be the Church is to insist on forgiveness as [...]

I Believe in the Holy Spirit

We’re deeply skeptical that people can ever really change. But God promised to make us into new creations. The Holy Spirit is the one who transforms us, who brings real and lasting change. A [...]

Jesus Descended to Hell

Fear keeps us from risking, from being vulnerable. But confessing that Jesus descended to Hell is an announcement that the power of Death is broken, and that the way of risk and vulnerability [...]

Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son

Awe: we've all experienced it. Those moments under the stars when time slows down. The joy of a child's love. Moments when the sacred seems to burst into our everyday lives. These moments are [...]

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