Four big ideas are shaping Catalyst. First: Friendship. What did it mean that Jesus was called a 'friend of sinners'? What implications does that have for our relationships (or lack thereof)?

Building Together

We tend to think of the project of faith as one that we do primarily alone. But according to Paul, we can't do faith alone. We need each other. And we need each other to be different. That's a [...]

Deconstructing Faith

What happens when it turns out our faith isn't as strong as we thought it was? Paul warns the Corinthians that God will test our faith in the End. How is that good news for us right now, as we [...]

The Foundation of Faith

What is the foundation of a sturdy faith? The 'church answer' is Jesus - and the Apostle Paul agrees. But what does that really mean? For Paul, it means that God seeks us out. God initiates our [...]