#Blessed + Grace

What does it mean to be #blessed? We have a sense that it's not material prosperity, but it's hard to put our finger on exactly what it IS. Jesus shows us that blessing is about experiencing [...]

Wrath + Atonement

Is God angry at us? Did Jesus pacify a raging deity? Why did God kill his son rather than us? This week, we're diving into God's Wrath and the Atonement because we've got it all wrong. God's [...]

Gospel + Incarnation

Jesus claims to be God, but so have a lot of people throughout history. What sets Jesus apart? What proves he is God? It's not his miracles, or his birth. It's his death that proves what kind of [...]

God + Trinity

Who is God? The vast majority of Americans say they believe in God, but that word is so generic, it doesn't actually tell us very much. That's why the Church holds the doctrine of the Trinity as [...]

Hey New Year

It's time for resolutions! Wouldn't it be amazing if we could summon a montage and instantly become great at that thing we've resolved to do in the new year? Unfortunately, spiritual formation [...]