JR. Forasteros - March 18, 2018

Seeds of Resistance

The Devil in the Details

When we confront the big evils of the world like racism or school violence, we often feel paralyzed. What can we do in the face of these behemoths it’s easy to label ‘demonic’? It’s counterintuitive, but Jesus calls us to small, consistent acts of faithfulness. His death casts out the evils of the world, so we are called not to be effective but faithful, trusting that his power is at work in our small acts of love.

From Series: "The Devil in the Details"

Ever feel like life is a blur? A constant flurry of obligations and activities and commitments? We keep ourselves so busy we don't have time to listen for the still, small voice of God calling us. Lent is a chance to slow down, to attend to all the little things that become habits that separate us from God.

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