Sandra Van Opstal - September 27, 2020

Roles: A Decolonized Faith

Faith & Race

Every system has roles. In football, it's quarterbacks and receivers, linemen and tight ends, coaches and referees, fans and commentators. As we conclude our Faith & Race series, Sandra Maria Van Opstal joins us to talk about roles in the Church, how they've been racialized, and what it looks like to decolonize our faith.

From Series: "Faith & Race"

It seems as though everyone is talking about Race these days. That can be a difficult conversation for people of faith - especially if we want to do more than feel better. What does it look like for a people of faith to resist systemic racism? During this series, we'll explore how racism is systemic and what a faith-filled response can look like. Join us for a month of justice work!

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