JR. Forasteros - January 26, 2020

Wrath + Atonement

Church Words With Friends

Is God angry at us? Did Jesus pacify a raging deity? Why did God kill his son rather than us? This week, we're diving into God's Wrath and the Atonement because we've got it all wrong. God's wrath is about love (yes, really) and the cross isn't about Jesus vs God, but Jesus vs. us.

From Series: "Church Words With Friends"

What does 'grace' mean? What about 'getting saved' or 'trinity'? Or those $20 churchy words like 'incarnation' and 'atonement'? These words became important because they point at deep, powerful and beautiful truths about who God is and the realities of faith. So let's learn about them... together!

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