Tim Basselin - February 19, 2017

Living in the Tension between Grace and Law

The Prophets & Poets Mixtape

Should we be permissive or rigid when it comes to laws? We tend to err on one side or the other because living with the tension between the two is difficult. But we find that tension in Scripture - God refuses to give us easy answers because God wants to live in the tension with us.

From Series: "The Prophets & Poets Mixtape"

What does it mean that God is FOR the world? Epiphany is the season that celebrates the revelation of God to the world. Epiphany asks, Who is this god who came among us? Like the mixtapes young lovers used to make, we’re listening to the songs of God’s prophets and poets because such a powerful love can really only be expressed in song. The soundtrack to God's good news is now playing!

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