Tommy Cash - July 1, 2018

Incredibly Ordinary

The Way, Way Back

It's hard to read the stories of God's amazing miracles and not wonder, "Where's mine?" A lot of us feel less like Abraham and more like his servant - the one who never saw the action. But his story of connecting Isaac and Rebekah is a powerful reminder that when we only look for God in the miraculous, we miss God at work in the mundane.

From Series: "The Way, Way Back"

What's Summer without a road trip? We're travelling back to the stories of the Patriarchs - Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. They lived on the road, and in their travels, they encountered God in strange and unexpected ways. What do we learn about God on the road that we can't learn when we stay in our comfort zones? How might God be calling us to go somewhere new, following after our creator?

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