JR. Forasteros - September 5, 2010

Get Rich Quick


Want to get rich quick? Maybe you should look around at what you already have!

From Series: "Rich"

What does it truly mean to be rich? How can we get rich, and what do we do with it all?

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How easily do we reduce Jesus’ new life to ‘spirituality’? We think of God’s Kingdom as one area of our lives – what we do on Sundays, or with a small group, or when we’re engaging in religious activities. But Jesus tells us stories that invite us to imagine a Kingdom so big it encompasses our whole lives. A new life that can’t be measured, can’t be quantified because it’s too big, too excellent. This kingdom is worth everything we have and more. It demands everything from us and when we give it all, we wish we could give more. This new life Jesus offers is priceless!

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