JR. Forasteros - May 27, 2012


Faithfulness is staying consistent until the end. Even though we're unfaithful, God is always faithful. He has declared us to be holy, and by the Spirit's power is perfecting us. Faithfulness for us is living in that power, rather than trying to do it on our own.

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Most of us don’t connect new technologies to our faith. After all, Jesus never had a Facebook profile. He didn’t post on Instagram or even have a smartphone. No wonder we struggle to imagine the Bible has anything to say about this Brave New World we live in. But we can think theologically about the technology in our lives. We can learn not a new set of rules (How many episodes per day is too many when I’m binge-watching? How old should my kids be before they get smartphones?), but rather how to ask the right questions. Do our technologies help us bring about God’s surprising, mustard seed kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven?

How are our screens spiritual? Welcome to SOCIAL.

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