JR. Forasteros - January 13, 2013

Follow the Leader

We all want to know God's will. We get tripped up because we think God's will is a path to walk. The Scriptures teach us God's will is a person to follow.

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The Scriptures are full of symbols, metaphors and ideas that don’t make a lot of sense to our modern ears. From the evil of the oceans and living water to temples and gods, much of the language we find in the Scriptures points to a worldview very different from 21st century America. In this class, we’ll explore these ideas, examine where they influence the Scriptures. We’ll also find those same ideas in popular culture today, everywhere from books and movies to philosophy and politics. We’ll discover that the Scriptures truly are good news for all peoples in all times.

We’ll learn a bigger picture of Jesus’ good news that helps us to engage our contemporary culture with love, grace and truth.


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