Bread & Circuses

We've all heard "You're not yourself when you're hungry." But what if the opposite is true? What if something as basic as hunger shows us our true selves? When we're not the masters of our [...]

Food and Fun

Some of our strongest temptations involve our cravings - food, sex, attention, connection. Why is desire so powerful? And how do we live with our desires so they connect us to God rather than [...]

The Path of Wisdom

Knowing how to follow Jesus today can be complex and difficult - especially because our world of polarized politics, social media and technology is so foreign to the worlds of the Bible. That's [...]

Making All Things New

We often struggle to see where God is at work, especially in times of personal or cultural hardship. How can we learn to see God all around us, continuing to create new goodness? How can we learn [...]