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Introduction to the Vigenère Cipher

This is one of the first ciphers we’ve seen that really takes a lot of help. It’s designed to be much more secure than the Caesarian or Pigpen ciphers, for instance.

I thought this one would be fun because today, we’re exploring legal codes. What do we do when following God goes against the law of the land, or at least the cultural mores.

Since Jesus was crucified by Rome, executed as a political criminal, Christians have always found ourselves speaking truth to power, standing against the forces of injustice and oppression for the sake of the most vulnerable.

But… anyone else want to admit they feel wildly underqualified for this sort of work?

I know I do.

What does Jesus expect us to do when we’re in over our heads? When the forces of evil are so insidious and overwhelming?

Join us Sunday as we see how the Holy Spirit advocates for us when it really matters!

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