Curiosity (2023)

Christians aren't known for being curious. Why would we be, when we have a monopoly on truth? But that attitude is at odds with the God who created our universe and invited us to explore. It's at [...]

Change 2023

Read the Manuscript | Join Worship | Get the Discussion Guide What does it take to change?  Like… think of a subject you’ve really changed your mind about. Maybe you’re not part of [...]

Friendship 2023

We're in the midst of a loneliness epidemic, and far too often, churches are part of the problem. How can that be, when Jesus insists that he made us his friends? What does it mean for a church [...]

The Road Ahead

There's no way around it: change is traumatic. That the change is good doesn't alter the reality that it's really hard. Paul's paradigm-shifting transformation on the road to Damascus illustrates [...]

All Hands on Deck

We live in a professionalized culture - we're more likely to leave every job to the paid expert than we are to do them ourselves. But when it comes to building God's new thing, this isn't [...]


How should we respond when God calls us to something we're not qualified to do? We're tempted to throw in the towel and let God go find someone else. But Moses' story reminds us that God chooses [...]

Plan B

What do we do when life doesn't go the way we thought? People of faith try our best to follow God's will, but that's not a guarantee life is going to go our way. Joseph shows us what faithfulness [...]

The Longest Walk

Nobody loves change, but change doesn't ask our permission to happen. So when change comes, how can we engage it faithfully? It all begins by being willing to leave what's been and trust that God [...]