Evangelizing the Church?

Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is following Jesus. That’s scary to admit, but it’s been true since the earliest days of the Church. What should our response be to those who claim [...]

What Makes a Good Follower?

What makes a good convert to Christianity? Too often the church pursues wealth, fame and power. But as Paul's experiences in Thessalonica and Berea illustrate that it's not those markers of [...]

Church isn’t Cool

We want a faith that’s respectable, one that attracts CEOs and star athletes and rockstars. But the earliest church wasn’t cool. Even the people who respected their faith didn’t want to be [...]

Saved for the World

Far too often, we view faith as something that separates us from the world. We become judgmental, condescending, celebrating when we prosper and they don't. But as the book of Acts shows us, God [...]

Grounded in Worship

What's the point of Sunday church? Why get together in a room, sing songs and listen to someone talk? And why do that weekly? Believe it or not, gathering regularly with our spiritual family is [...]

God is Not an American

Love of country can morph into nationalism - putting our country before everything else. Believing we're chosen, that God loves us more than anyone else. Palm Sunday reminds us that Jesus is not [...]

God is Not a White Man

Christianity has a long history of oppressing both women and peoples of color - often using the Bible to justify it. But Jesus is the God who freed the Hebrew slaves, who comforted the Exiles, [...]

God is Not a Family Man

Today’s churches are often built around and center the nuclear family - Dad, Mom, Wally and the Beav. Why is that? Jesus was single. So was Paul. And the so-called ‘traditional family’ didn’t [...]

God is Not Ignoring History

What do you think when you hear the word ‘reparations’? A political movement? A threat to the status quo? As God outlines in the book of Numbers, reparations are an integral part of the process [...]