Sonya Brown - October 16, 2022

Have You Any Wool?

Did you know the nursery rhyme 'Ba Ba Black Sheep' was about unfair taxation? That's right - we've been finding ways to protest unjust rulers since the first person exploited someone else. Jeremiah too critiqued the kings and priests who cared only for themselves. He promised a better ruler, a more faithful king was coming. So how does our relationship to Jesus help us spot the faithful leaders - and those who are working against God?

From Series: "Black Sheep"

More and more, those of us who follow Jesus feel like we don't fit it. Not just with the world around us, but from others who claim to worship God. Why is it that those who claim Jesus' name are racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and more? How do we find the strength to be faithful when our faith makes us weirdoes even among people of faith? We're going to listen to Jeremiah, the prophet who knows exactly what faith among the faithless looks like!

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