Vanessa Hewitt - August 1, 2021

Star Trek: Discovery and Picard


Everywhere we look today, people are afraid. And fear makes us do ugly things - all justified by a need for safety and security. The new flagship Star Trek series - Discovery and Picard - inhabit a fearful universe as well, and they invite us to choose to boldly go with them somewhere better: a world of love and freedom. How can we begin that journey, grounded in God's love for us that drives out fear?

From Series: "CataVision"

We're living in the Golden Age of Television. From Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones to Reality TV to WandaVision and the Mandalorian, we can't get enough of these serialized stories. Why do these shows resonate so strongly with us? Join us as we engage our favorite TV shows in spiritual conversations that challenge and transform us!

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