Church in the Wild

Kanye and Jay-Z say there’s no church in the wild. It’s easy to see why: how often look to church as a place of safety and security – a place to find protection from the world? But the Holy Spirit drove the earliest Christians to live a bold, powerful faith. They knew that Jesus isn’t behind safe walls. Jesus is at work, bring justice and peace everywhere. The question is: will we join him… in the wild?

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Bad Deal

Why are temptations so… well, tempting? Why are we so attracted to things that are bad for us? And how can we resist them? In this Lent series, we explore the nature of temptation and turn to Jesus’ example to heal us. Plus, some help from Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor, because what would Lent be without some 19th century Russian literature?

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From A to Z

It’s easy for us to compartmentalize faith. It’s something we do on Sundays. Or in the morning. Or before a meal. But during this series, we’re celebrating the whole story of God, how Jesus shows us who God is and what that means for us every day.

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Christmas at the Crossroads

2020 has been a year of a lot of changes. How can we navigate change well? How can we be prepared for a future that hasn’t manifest yet? This Advent season, we’re exploring how God’s people prepared for the unexpected arrival of Jesus – and how that can help us prepare for what’s ahead of us!

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Catalyst in the Time of COVID

2020 has made pretty much everything a lot harder… including faith. What does it look like to be a church in the midst of a global pandemic? What does it look like for us to continue to be CATALYST in the midst of this pandemic? We review our core values – FRIENDSHIP, DIVERSITY, DISCIPLESHIP and PILGRIM – in light of COVID and our calling.

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How to Survive the Election

JR. Forasteros - October 4, 2020

How to Be Kind

How to Survive the Election

It feels harder and harder to disagree well. We hear frequent calls for civility and niceness. But for a people of faith, nice isn't enough. Rather than settle for a superficial niceness, God calls us to imitate Jesus in offering a deep kindness. Kindness insists we treat others as though they are part of our family. How do we pursue kindness together in the next month?

From Series: "How to Survive the Election"

The 2020 election is, somehow, the most divisive, painful election yet. The divisions revealed by the last four years are as bad inside the Church as anywhere else. How can we navigate this season? How can we not just survive, but thrive as God's people in the next month?

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Faith & Race

It seems as though everyone is talking about Race these days. That can be a difficult conversation for people of faith – especially if we want to do more than feel better. What does it look like for a people of faith to resist systemic racism? During this series, we’ll explore how racism is systemic and what a faith-filled response can look like. Join us for a month of justice work!

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How the Bible Works

Reading Scripture is an essential means of transformation. But can we be honest? The Bible is really confusing. What’s literal? What’s not? And how does a library of ancient literature make us new in this modern age? This summer, we’re learning how to read the Bible – not to get smarter, but to be changed!

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Winds of Change

We’re stuck inside. Life feels still, even stale. We long for the world as it was only a couple of months ago. And yet, as on that first Easter day, Jesus is still at work. God is on the move, working newness even in locked rooms. The Holy Spirit is the breath of fresh air we need. How can we learn to spot the Spirit at work around us and within us?

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Under Pressure

Figuring out how to be faithful in our daily lives is challenging for anyone – especially because there are so many ways to answer those questions. How do we know what real, holy faithfulness looks like? Jesus makes himself known to the seven churches of the Revelation. His answers for them can guide us as well.

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